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Touch and Go, and Go, and Go…

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My CFI told me that one of these days we would just work on landings and knock out 12-15 of them. Well, today, Lesson #10, was that day. Winds were calm, the pattern was (somewhat) calm, and I needed the confidence boost. The last lesson was a bit bumpy, and I was a bit hard on myself about every little tiny mistake.

The Lesson

Round and round and round we go…
We got started late (someone brought the plane back late), but my CFI wasn’t booked after my lesson and was OK with running over our scheduled time. He told me we were just going to pound out some touch-and-goes at FRG. Sounded good to me.

And pound them out we did. We got to 10 and I thought, screw it, let’s go for 15. There were a few people in the pattern, and a few arrivals, so we got a good mix of extended downwinds of varying types:

PPL Lesson 10 GPS

We had one business jet pass and then turn in front of us. It was pretty cool to watch, and his callsign was Joker which I am pretty jealous of. I would sound way cooler calling the tower with “Joker 7” rather than “Cessna 65605”.

We did one forward slip, which you know I LOVE and wish we could do every time; it feels like a rollercoaster. We also did a simulated emergency engine loss, which is pretty easy near the airport, as you just immediately turn towards the runway. You can see it above; it’s the super-short curving leg.


The only thing I am disappointed in is that I could’ve soloed today! When my CFI was giving me a ride to the train station afterward (because he is nice like that) our conversation revealed that was considering soloing me today, but he wasn’t sure that I was comfortable enough. I was 100% comfortable with it, but I didn’t speak up enough! I think I was just being too modest when he was asking me mid-lesson how I was feeling. Afraid I was missing out on some good critique from him, I was focusing on the things I was doing wrong and asking him questions about every little thing. He kept assuring me I was knocking it out of the park, but I think he read my questions as a lack of self-confidence. It was just a miscommunication, but I am kicking myself now for it! He told me in the car he has been ready to solo me for two lessons but the weather was a bit rough, and we hadn’t officially looked over/graded my pre-solo written test. Apparently, the next time the weather is this nice, I can solo!

So I just need to have a lesson on another calm day. But now that summer is here in all of its glory, I’m worried that won’t be for a while. It seems like every day is 80 degrees with a 60% chance of thunderstorms. It’s that typical coastal summer weather, where it warms up during the day and storms pop up right off the ocean and move inland. We had the same weather in south Louisiana, and it never bothered me before except for the humidity. But I’m trying to get work done, Mr. Atmosphere! Work with me here!


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