Preflight Checks on a Cessna 152

Before yesterday’s flight, I set up my GoPro to do a little timelapse while I did my preflight checks on the good ole’ Cessna 152.

You’ll get to see exciting things such as:

  • Me hitching up my pants!
  • Me climbing up on the wing to check the fuel in the tanks!
  • Me hitching up my pants again!
  • Me, holding the fuel sample up to the light to check for contamination, which also looks like I am making an offering to a sun god, or toasting oil companies before I take a swig!
  • Me scratching my head!
  • Me hitching up my pants!
  • Me accidentally leaving the door open for 1/3 of the time! My instructor would kill me, because they got a wasp in the cockpit a few weeks ago that way, and it took them an hour to chase it out.

Check out the video here: